Family Law

A Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

Helping Families

‘Family Law Attorney’ means that Roy is an attorney experienced in the field of divorce and all things that deal with divorce.  He also is experienced in helping you to bring families together through adoption and legitimation proceedings.  As a judicial law clerk, he has helped to guide literally thousands of divorces, adoptions, and all other legal actions through the court system which contemplated modifications of custody, visitation, and child support.  While he will advocate fiercely for your position, he has the perspective of how the court will see your case, and will frankly advise you on your chances for success, and will conserve your financial resources by advising you early on what is and what is not possible in court.

Criminal Law

Keeping you out of jail from the investigation pre-indictment through a bench or jury trial.

General Litigation

In any matter that will require you to be in a courtroom, you need to hire the right attorney. Roy Yunker.

We defend your rights and get results

Representative Cases

  • Relative Adoption
  • Agency Adoption
  • Third Party Adoption
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Domestication of Foreign Adoption

Modification of Divorce Decree
  • Modifying Custody/Visitation
  • Modifying Child Support
Contempt of Court Proceedings
  • Contempt of Visitation Order
  • Contempt of Child Support Order
  • Contempt of Property Division
  • Contempt of Alimony Order