An uncontested divorce is a divorce where there are no issues whatsoever to argue about and both parties will agree that the court does not need to make any decisions as to the division of property.

A truly uncontested divorce is just a matter of filing the appropriate paperwork, and having the court enter an order of divorce.

Many people start out thinking that their divorce will be uncontested, but then later start having second thoughts when they realize that they don’t agree on who gets what property, or if there are children involved, how the issues of custody and visitation will be settled.

An uncontested divorce requires the drafting of a complaint for divorce, a marital settlement agreement, a divorce order, and various other procedural documents.  If children are involved, you  will also need a Parenting Plan, and provisions for support, generally taken care of in a Child Support Addendum.

Roy Yunker Law can draft the documents needed to accomplish your uncontested divorce.