When getting a divorce, it is always good to keep the best attitude possible.

But in the real world, a divorce with minor children is a traumatic experience for everyone involved, especially the children.  That is one of the reasons that when going through the experience, you need to maintain an even emotional mindset.  The worst thing you can do in court is act like your interests are more important than the children, or try to use the children as proxies in a fight against your spouse.  Those sorts of games are completely see through to the court, and will not work in your favor.

The practical aspects of a divorce with minor children are that you are going to need to work out a parenting plan with the other parent.  You need to determine who is going to have the decision making authority in many aspects of the child’s life as they grow up as part of a divorced family.

Child support is a statutorily driven process that requires the payment of child support to the parent who is the primary custodial parent.  Child support is a right that the child has, and the parents cannot arbitrarily decide how much child support is proper.  To deviate from that legislated amount, you need to show a legal justification for why that statutory amount is not proper.

That being said, the determination of child support is an extremely complicated issue that can have wildly varying results depending on the skill and knowledge of your legal counsel.  Roy Yunker has seen thousands of child support cases in his tenure as a judicial law clerk and is current on all of the recent court decisions that will affect the determination of child support.

Child custody and visitation in a divorce with minor children is by far the most highly contested issue in divorce cases.  There is no other issue that will result in more heated court hearings in divorce.  You need to choose a lawyer that will not only fight for your rights, but will know what is an achievable result in court.  There is no greater mistake than making bad arguments before a judge.  You need to trust your lawyer, and you need to know that your lawyer knows what he is telling you.  Roy Yunker knows the law, and he knows how the judges think when your argument is being presented to the court.

Choose the right firm.  Choose Roy Yunker Law.