In the State of Georgia, robbery occurs when a person intents to commit theft by taking the property of another from the owner or the immediate presence of another either by force, intimidation, threat, or by sudden snatching. Robbery can take place any time of the day or night, and, although consider a violent crime, can occur without the use of weapons or violence at all.


Statutory Punishment

Robbery is a felony offense. A person convicted of robbery shall be punished by imprisonment for no less than one but not more than 20 years.

If robbery occurs against a person who is 65 years of age or older shall, the punishment shall be imprisonment for no less than five but not more than 20 years.


The Problem

Because robbery is classified as a violent crime, it is a felony offense. The elements of the crime require the victim to experience fear or imminent threat of bodily harm; the fact that an accused person was not armed, or the fact that it happened in the daytime does not exonerate her or him of the crime. On the other hand, the alleged victim’s fear may not have been reasonable. Elements of the issue are very arguable, which would require the assistance of a legal professional.


The Solution

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