The State of Georgia defines gambling as the intentional act of operating or participating in a gambling place in which earnings are derived; receiving, recording, or forwarding a bet or an offer to bet (a.k.a. “number running”); or taking custody of money or property involved in a bet for profit. Acting as a vendor, promoter, or a clearinghouse for a lottery or any other event that involves chances upon the final result or the margin of victory in a game or contest or the performance of any participant thereof also falls under the statute against gambling. Interestingly, operating a bingo hall without valid license also constitutes gambling in the State of Georgia


The Statutory Punishment

Gambling is a felony offense. A person found guilty of gambling may be fined up to $20,000 and face imprisonment for no less than one but not more than five years, or both.


The Problem

The statute that addresses gambling is very interesting. On the one hand, the State of Georgia condones gambling by participating in a multistate and local lottery systems. On the other hand, any act of gambling outside of the systems set up by the State is criminal. Essentially, this tells us that illegal gambling hurts the State, and not necessarily the citizen. Those who may be accused of illegal gambling may sometimes not even be aware of their participation. According to the statute, one need only be found in a place where illegal gambling is taking place in order for the State to accuse that person. Additionally, there are many socio-political factors involved in constructing statutes such as these, so if a person is unfortunate enough to be accused of illegal gambling, then strong, professional, legal representation becomes a necessity.


The Solution

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